Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random quotes :)

Boys have the key to a girl’s heart, but a best friend doesn’t
need one. She knows the secret handshake.

I think what we mean to say is that we’re so grateful for what we have because we’ve been through so much this year. So many things that were not easy and so many things that make you realize you’re all grown up and on your own. Hopefully we came out the other side stronger with the realization that we do have a lot to be grateful for. So maybe instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we can focus on what we do have.
- One Tree Hill

you should never forget about the past, everything happens for a reason. instead learn from the past,learn from your mistakes, and learn from every experience in life. never forget those that have changed you either for the good or the bad because they have made you who you are. And always remember that life is meant to be tough, to challenge you, and to make you stronger.

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