Friday, September 23, 2011

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

I just got done texting my cousin, whom sparked a flame that really hit me. A family member, friend, co worker, or child of mine, or yours could need blood, maybe even tomorrow. My cousin might need a transfusion after she has her baby, these things happen. We always hope that is not the circumstance, but we are VERY thankful to have the technology to save yours/mine family members and childrens' lives by giving blood transfusions, if they may need it. I was told at my new job last week that there is a national blood shortage, and in our area, the Central Plains Region, is definetely feeling the effects of this shortage.
I highly, highly encourage you to give blood, if you can. If you cant, encourage your family, friends, children and anyone you know to donate blood. I also learned that of the eligible donors, only 5% of people do actually donate. Why? Is there not enough time for you to save a life? Things happen, yes, but there are multiple towns, days, hours, and oppurtunites at different blood drives that you can take 45 minutes out of your day to save a persons life, maybe even two or three people at that.

SO! Please do me a favor, and make an appointment. Call. Email. or go to There's tons of information on that site to help you out.

There are THREE blood drives coming up in McPherson... the times are on the above web page.
September 30th, at McPherson College
October 17 & 18 at Trinity Lutheren Church

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.  ~Winston Churchill