Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lots of.. NewS!

I dont update this thing as much as I would like to, So, here's a recap!

A couple weeks ago, we got this little (big) guy...
His name is Cleveland. He's our first pet together :D We got him from the Humane Society on Elizabeth, behind the firehouse. If you get a chance, stop by there. They are completely overloaded with cats, and we actually got Cleveland for no cost. He has all of his shots, and flea preventative.
Cleveland is quite the lover. When we get home from work, he will meow and meow until we pick him up, and he will give us each "kisses" on our noses. Like eskimo kisses :) We love him so much already, even though he's going to be an only child for awhile, as long as Colton doesn't get his way, anways!

Also!! I JUST got a new job! I have applied and applied for his job for since before my Surgical Tech schooling. I FINALLY got called for an interview a couple weeks ago, and got the call last week that I will start on August 22nd! I have to have 14 weeks of rigorous training to be a Collections Tech (Phlebotomist) and after that I will be doing the Mobile Blood Drives for the American Red Cross! Basically, I'll be setting up and arranging the drives, and taking the blood and putting it into the computers to send off. We couldn't be happier for this next step in our lives.

Last but not least, we, BOTH of us, are enrolled in college, again! Colton is taking Criminal Justice courses, and I am going to minor in spanish for now, and decide my next major from there. We start August 15th. Another big step in the right direction!

Our wedding photographer just got our pictures done, so I'm awaiting the CD's in the mail to post the pictures, but heres just a couple for now.

Have a good evening :D


  1. I love your beautiful pictures and am happy for all of your great news! <3 Odessa

  2. Cleavland looks soo much smaller in this pic!